Biographie de l’Antica Legatoria Viali :

We are speaking about a journey which began in 1891, when, in the heart of Viterbo was founded the bookbindershop who nowadays we know as l’Antica legatoria Viali. One of the oldest workshops in central Italy, which, proudly in 2011, was included in the national register of historical Italian businesses. A reacquaintence with the past, certainly, but also a modern day hand-workmanship that continues a traditional style – uncopiable and unmatchable. In 1997 the Legatoria Viali was taken over by Lucia Maria Arena and Hans Rainer Kolb. Testament to their artistic experience, Lucia is a graduate of the Liceo Artistico and Hans Rainer holds a diploma from the “ Fachoberschule” in technical subject. This combination has been the the key to success for the bookbindershop in the limitless sky of fine art.

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Adresse : Piazza Dante Alighieri 8 1100 Viterbo, Italie
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